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Delivering Focused-Solutions to Institutional Investors and Individual Clients 

The Meaning of Valentus

"Valentus" was created by combining the Latin words "Valens," meaning strong or effective, and "Intentus," meaning strict or thorough


We believe credit investing can be lucrative in all market conditions under multiple strategies and by having a sector and asset-type agnostic approach to investment selection.

To effectuate this belief, an investment firm must be nimble with strong and effective leadership, have reactive capital, and possess strict and thorough multi-sector underwriting that efficiently identifies risks, rewards, and the best use of equity.

Our Core Belief

What We Do

Valentus Capital Partners is a multi-strategy credit investment firm that invests opportunistically across differentiated strategies intended to meet specific yield and duration targets. We also provide services in complementary businesses.

Our objective is to produce world-class, long-term returns centered around the principles of capital preservation, wealth creation, and discipline. 

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We underwrite opportunities in structured credit securities across the consumer and corporate sectors, as well as opportunities in the private credit markets to identify attractive investments for our partners.

Private Equity

Through our private equity vehicles, our partners can participate in targeted investments that meet our risk-reward criteria and adhere to our loss mitigation structuring and accelerated repayment mechanics.


Complementary Services

We provide additional services for clients seeking financial advisory or looking to engage in real estate matters.

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