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Valentus Capital Partners offers tailored credit investment solutions based on a client's yield target, risk appetite, and duration mandate. 

Our senior leaders have held prominent roles at some of the most successful credit investment firms since before the Great Financial Crisis. They have executed complicated strategies across structured credit securities and loans resulting in strong returns for limited partners for over a decade.

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Opportunities Exist in All Market Conditions

Our underwriting capabilities, coupled with our deep relationships with asset holders and intermediaries, allow us to identify investible opportunities at both ends of the credit cycle resulting in a strong long-term return.

Structured Credit Securities

We monitor the major consumer and corporate credit securities sectors, and we assess the best relative value opportunities agnostic of capital structure or tranche type.

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Private Credit

With suitable covenants in place and proper borrower and underlying asset underwriting, private credit loans can provide solid returns across the capital structure.


Opportunistically, we deploy capital across differentiated private credit strategies that we believe provide the best risk-adjusted return for a given duration. 

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