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Sundeep Gokaraju

Managing Director


Sundeep Gokaraju has 16 years of experience trading and structuring over $30 billion of Legacy Non-Agency RMBS as well as in structuring and underwriting sectors which included CLOs, CMBS, Autos ABS, Student Loan ABS, European RMBS, Credit Card ABS and Aircraft ABS. Mr. Gokaraju has extensive knowledge of macro/microeconomic and technical drivers through his role in leading new sector investment efforts as a Director at Hudson Advisors / Lone Star Funds from 2014-2020.

Prior to Hudson Advisors / Lone Star Funds, Mr. Gokaraju worked as a Vice President at UBS where he was the business lead overseeing the relationship with the Swiss National Bank’s Stab Fund. Mr. Gokaraju and his team provided risk analysis and assessment and valuations for both UBS and the Stab Fund’s securities holdings ($20 billion+) and provided guidance and resolution on disagreements in volatile markets.

Mr. Gokaraju is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park where he earned a BS in Finance and a BS International Business as well as a minor in Roman and Byzantine History.

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